Welcome to AtelierHB architects. We are a small RIBA Chartered Practice based in Devon and Cornwall.

We bring rich work and life experience (and good eyes and ears) to the design of liveable and loveable homes and workplacesfrom renovations to ‘Grand Designs’.

This often means embracing a host of contradictions for creative solutions. Preserving the beauty of aged stone or wood can work alongside advanced techniques for using timber, glass, or passive house innovations.  Clean lines and efficient design should also have a touch of romance and adventure.

You and how you want to live are at the heart of the project. It often starts with a chat about possibilities, a cup of coffee and some quick idea sketches.

As a project progresses, we offer the latest ArchiCAD software and expertise in 3D BIM (building information modelling). This is fantastic for visualising yourself moving in a space before building even starts, when adjustments are easier to make. It makes construction easier and faster, which is good for the bottom-line project budget.

Find out more about us and some of our projects on this site. Or get in touch for an informal chat or to book a full consultation.

Atelier HB Architects primarily serve the SouthWest region of Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset, including Dartmoor and the South Hams. 
LABC Building Excellence Awards 2014 - Finalist

AtelierHB were finalists in the 2014 SouthWest LABC Awards