architect services

Atelier HB is a Devon-based RIBA Chartered Practice offering the complete services of a fully qualified architect. We offer creative designs and support for building homes, workspaces and community buildings. For any project, we agree with you which services you want for your project. This could just be architect support at key stages of your own self-build project. Or it could be a full architect service, from design to architect certificates for the finished work.

We offer inspiration, ideas and knowledge of design, planning and construction to solve particular problems with a site or structure, and to meet your particular needs.

We work with leading software that helps create more accurate plans and also helps everyone involved to visualise how it will look.  We offer computer-aided 3D fly-throughs, detailed drawings, plans and schedules of works.

We ensure that you get the right reports and planning applications.

Tendering and selection of builders and contractors
We help you to attract and select the best contractors for your job.

Supervision and follow-up
We oversee work, manage contracts, carry out inspections, do final snagging to see that all details are completed to standard, warrant building works, and issue architect certificates for the finished work.