Create an idea book for your home or project

New eco house in wood, stone and glass with curved roofThe brief for your project is your wish list.

A good architect will help develop the brief with you to be sure it clearly communicates:
– what you want
– your project’s aims and constraints
– time frames
– and budget.

One of the most important and sometimes subtle things to share with an architect is your own vision, tastes and preferences.

This is where an idea book is invaluable.

Curved white fronts with big curved windows and green living roofs around a pond.

An eco house

Most people find the process of putting it together inspiring and helpful for clarifying their ideas. We’ve all heard that a picture tells a thousand words. In this case, your collection of visual images will give us a great start to visualise your tastes and ideals.

Simple scrap book or folder

Your ideas and preferences and inspirations could be collected in a simple scrapbook of clipped images you have found in magazines or newspapers.

PebblebedInteriorDigital file

You may want to create a folder on your computer that you can put on a data stick. Your inspiration folder could contain images and ideas from the internet that you found attractive or a separate grouping of images that represent qualities you want to avoid!

Online tools and apps

You could create Pinterest boards online, grouping images of homes, interiors, outdoor spaces, materials or architectural details that you like.  

HOUZZ is another online platform, developed in California, specifically for home remodelling and design. It includes over two million images uploaded by design professionals around the world. You can create your own idea books online or use their free app for iPads and iPhones. You can also browse other people’s idea books under different themes.

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