People in the Practice

Architects Ian Booker and Casper Holst, both graduates of Plymouth University’s School of Architecture, bring rich work and life experience to their passion for designing liveable, human scale buildings, spaces and communities.

Ian Booker   Grad Dip (Arch), PgDip (Humane Arch), BA Hons (Arch) RIBA

Ian’s many years as a graphic designer, his love of art, light and the sea, and personal experience of buildings, boats, sculpture and spaces in Canada and Europe all influence his work as an architect.

His designs, not only with atelierHB but as a consultant architect with other practices, include award-winning ‘eco’ buildings and homes, as well as imaginative and practical conversions, extensions, work spaces and community developments. A solid understanding of local planning, a good ear for listening to clients’ needs, and expertise with the latest design software combine with his ability to find imaginative solutions that make the most of space and place.

‘I love clean lines and efficient design, but also a touch of romance or surprise.’

Casper Holst   Pg Dip (Arch), BA Hons (Arch) ARB

Casper’s architectural work benefits from a personal understanding of craftsmanship and clever use of space honed through many years of hands-on experience in boat building and building projects in Africa and Europe. Before becoming an architect, he ran a boatbuilding business and worked with building reuse projects employing a variety of different materials and techniques.

Casper is interested in developing a joyful language in sustainable architecture. ‘ I want to introduce delight by bringing the original spirit and intention of a project into build form, without losing sight of commercial realities’.

When not designing or building, he is often found offshore sailing or in the mountains.

Lesley Booker   BSc Hons (PR), BA Hons (Fine Art)

Lesley supports AtelierHB’s communications. She created and updates the website, is often the voice you hear on the phone and casts her eyes over proposals, plans and papers.

She worked in communications in the UK and USA for many years, mostly in the fields of higher education and professional development, and has spent time living in South America and Spain. She now has her own multi-media creative practice and is a local primary school governor. She and Ian live in Ashburton with their son, Rowan.