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If you are lucky enough to build your own home from scratch, invest in the planning stage, advises AtelierHB 

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To build your own home is a unique opportunity to create the perfect space for your life and priorities. Your home can reflect you, be right for the setting, and leave a legacy of a well-designed building.

AtelierHB starts the process with a conversation about what you want to achieve. Understanding your vision and preferences, the situation and your budget all inform draft designs. One of the best ways to keep to budget is to invest time in the planning stage. Creating an idea book is one way to convey your taste and preferences. 

Careful consideration of the site, light and situation where the home will be built are essential. Ian’s experience and flair with design, backed up with expertise with 3D modelling, helps you visualise possibilities.

New-build homes also provide the best opportunity to create green and efficient homes that are comfortable and affordable to maintain. Different sites offer different opportunities – from making the most of the home’s natural position and clever use of traditional materials, to high-tech options. Ian can advise on the cost-effectiveness of technologies, such as ground source heat pumps, or renewable power generation, as well as low-impact insulation and building materials, so that sustainability is part of the fabric of your home, as well as within your budget.

Clear communication of stages and services help you plan where you want more or less support in the project. You may want creative design solutions and problem-solving with technical and planning support for a hands-on self-build project, or you may be happier with the full service - from design and detailed drawings, to quality control supervision and full architect sign-off.

If you are ready to create your own space, let’s talk.

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“I never design a building before I've seen the site and met the people who will be using it.”